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Bullets and bomb parts discovered

Gardai have uncovered a major terrorist arms dump close to the Co Donegal border.

The haul consisted of a large quantity of ammunition and bomb-making equipment. The arms were found during a search of fields near the village of Killea.

Explosive experts were drafted into the area early yesterday morning following the discovery of the arms cache at around 8am.

It is believed the arms dump was found in a rural area outside the village.

A Garda spokesman said no houses had been evacuated but that an area had been sealed off from early yesterday morning.

“We can confirm that a considerable amount of ammunition and components which could be used to make bombs were discovered,” he said.

“This was a planned search. No houses were evacuated during the search but an area was sealed off during the search.

“The operation is still ongoing and will be ongoing for some time,” he added.

Gardai were last night remaining tight-lipped as to who was responsible for the arms dump. However Killea has been used in the past by the Real IRA because of its proximity to Londonderry.

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