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Cabinet ministers stay, hints Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has hinted he will not be sacking any of his Cabinet ministers following a year-end review of their performance.

As the coalition leader writes report cards rating Government ministers during their first year in office, he insisted he is happy with how the team has measured up so far.

"I have finished all reviews, with the exception of one or two," said Mr Kenny. "We have had very fruitful bi-lateral discussions about the Programme for Government as far as the ministers are concerned. I'm happy with the progress we have made here."

Mr Kenny warned before Christmas that he would sack any minister he found to be underperforming after assessing their work over the first year in Cabinet.

But the Taoiseach eased fears over a reshuffle, adding: "Each minister is doing his or her best to measure up to the items on the programme."

Mr Kenny refused to rate his own performance as Government leader, saying one should never ask the captain of a team to rate himself.

"My job as Taoiseach is to lead the Government," he said. "My rating will be determined by the people."

The Taoiseach warned before the review that there would be no messing around and no excuses from ministers failing to meet targets set for their individual departments.

Every member of the coalition Cabinet was to be brought before Mr Kenny in January for one-on-ones to explain their progress in meeting set tasks and targets within their departments as the political year draws to a close next month.

Mr Kenny vowed to publish the assessments by the end of March to give the public the opportunity to judge whether each government minister is up to scratch. March 9 marks the government's first year in office


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