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Car Vincent Ryan shot in linked to Kinahan drugs gang

By Ken Foy and Conor Feehan

The car that Vincent Ryan was shot in was registered to a company linked to the Kinahan drugs gang it has emerged.

Ryan (25) was murdered in a white VW Golf GTI on Monday afternoon shortly after dropping his partner and baby off at a house on McKee Road in Finglas.

The 07 VW was bought by Ryan some weeks ago but was still registered to the company with links to the Kinahan gang.

The notorious mob are embroiled in a violent tit-for-tat feud which has seen criminal David Byrne and Eddie Hutch, the brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, murdered in recent weeks.

The car is registered to a company half owned by a man who was one of Byrne’s close associates, but Byrne himself was not directly involved.

Gardai are now trying to establish if the link between Ryan, the car, and the Kinahan gang is a coincidence or if there are links between the dissident republican and Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan’s gang.

The potential links could shed new light on the killing of Byrne at the Regency Hotel on February 5 and the retaliation hit on Eddie Hutch snr three days later.

Meanwhile, armed gardai seized a car used by the crimelord nicknamed ‘Mr Big’ just hours after the murder of Ryan, it can be revealed.

The car was located at a north city hotel on Monday night after members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) were dispatched to find it.

Sources say the operation to track down the car began when detectives noticed it was not at its usual location just hours after Ryan was shot dead in Finglas. Gardai seized the car, and it was still being technically examined last night.

It is understood the vehicle was not used in the murder, but officers are trying to establish if it had been active “before or after” the shooting.

The ‘Mr Big’ drugs gang remain the chief suspects for the murder of Ryan, but sources say gardai have not yet ruled out the involvement of associates of slain drugs trafficker Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly – who was shot dead by Ryan’s IRA faction in September 2011.

One line being investigated is that Ryan’s murder was a joint operation by the two drugs gangs, who both have links to the Christy Kinahan cartel.

The Herald has learned that a number of senior criminals who were part of Micka Kelly’s gang are back in Dublin, having spent most of the years since his  murder abroad.

These include two major north Dublin drug dealers who have been based in Liverpool and Spain. One of the gangsters witnessed the murder of his pal ‘Micka’ – known as ‘the Panda’ – but sped off in fear of his life.

This criminal has barely any convictions, but on one occasion he had a massive cash haul forfeited to the State.

Also back in the country is his notorious 35-year-old pal who was once one of the biggest targets of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB), who seized tens of thousands of euro of his assets.

This gangster’s north Dublin home was previously firebombed by the Real IRA crew linked to slain brothers Vinny and Alan Ryan.

The incident happened when the dissident republican mob were at the height of their power in 2011.

Apart from firebombing his home, they were also involved in spraying threatening graffiti around north Dublin about the drugs trafficker.

However, shortly after this, the Ryan gang became embroiled in a separate feud with the ‘Mr Big’ drugs mob, which gardai believe is the most likely reason for both brothers’ gun murders.

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