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City bike scheme clocks up landmark

One million cycle trips have been made on Dublin city's bike scheme, making it one of the most successful in the world, it has emerged.

The one millionth biker took to the saddle at 7.25pm on Saturday night - 11 months and one day after the scheme was introduced - as an AA poll rated cyclists' behaviour the worst among road users in Dublin.

Councillor Andrew Montague, who first proposed the environmentally-friendly scheme to council chiefs, said Dublin Bikes had become one of the best around the globe.

"In Melbourne their bike scheme is averaging less than 70 trips per day, while in Dublin it is over 5,000 trips using the same number of bikes," said Cllr Montague.

"In Paris 3,000 bikes were stolen in the first year, in Dublin we had two stolen and both were recovered.

"In London annual membership costs over 50 euro, while it is only 10 euro in Dublin."

Cllr Montague said the Dublin Bike Scheme also highlights how safe it is to cycle in the capital.

"After one million trips, there hasn't been a single serious accident," added the Labour party representative.

"We need to build on this success and spread the scheme across the city."

Meanwhile, an AA Poll on Irish drivers rated cyclists' behaviour the worst in Dublin - with 38% believing it had worsened over the last 10 years while only 25.6% stated it had improved.


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