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Claim O'Hare paid €10k a week for 'security' work that led to downfall

Dessie O'Hare
Dessie O'Hare

By Maeve Sheehan

Dessie O'Hare was paid about €10,000 a week to provide security to businesses in Dublin, according to informed sources.

Gardai believe the ex-INLA man known as the 'Border Fox' paid other associates out of the €10,000 sum but pocketed a portion of the money himself.

O'Hare, from south Armagh, was suspected by gardai of selling security services to businesses and individuals after the Republic's economic crash.

O'Hare told gardai that he was hired by Jimmy Mansfield Jnr, son of the late self-made billionaire Jim Mansfield, to help with an eviction, Dublin's Special Criminal Court heard last week.

O'Hare, who pleaded guilty, will be sentenced on Thursday for falsely imprisoning Martin Byrne, a security guard who worked for Mr Mansfield's father for 20 years.

He also assaulted a second man in a vicious attack captured on CCTV.

Jimmy Mansfield Jnr confirmed via his solicitor he met O'Hare and he was "at his hotel" but denied hiring him - or anyone - to carry out an eviction.

In a separate statement his solicitor Kevin Winters said he had written to gardai seeking the "basis of the allegations" and warned that his client "will litigate" to protect his reputation as a "businessman of standing".

Jimmy Mansfield Jnr was implicated in the trial by gardai in evidence to the Special Criminal Court. Superintendent Colm O'Malley said relations between Martin Byrne and Jimmy Mansfield Jnr had deteriorated.

Jimmy Mansfield Jnr's disputed association with O'Hare is the latest in a series of controversies.

In past interviews Mr Mansfield said that he wasn't worried about reports of a threat from criminals. In another interview he said he had no links to criminality, had never laundered money and was not involved in the IRA. "It is all bulls***," he said.

At O'Hare's hearing last week, Judge Tony Hunt said the possibility of a non-custodial sentence was "unlikely".

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