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Claim that border bomb swayed PM described as 'reckless'

Facing criticism: Simon Coveney
Facing criticism: Simon Coveney

By Cormac McQuinn

A claim by an Irish Government official that a dissident republican attack on the border forced Boris Johnson to 'tone down' his language on Brexit has been branded as "dangerous and reckless".

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin demanded that Simon Coveney distance himself from the remarks that were attributed to an anonymous senior official close to the Irish Foreign Affairs Minister.

A spokesman for Mr Coveney last night insisted there is "absolutely no place" for violence in Irish society, but responded to the criticism saying it was "foolish of anyone to play politics with that for headlines".

The row comes after the Sunday Independent reported that a senior official close to Mr Coveney believes the attack in Fermanagh led to the Prime Minister rethinking his strategy towards Ireland.

"The Brits got a bit friendlier to us after the attempt to murder PSNI officers," the official said.

Mr Martin said: "Any suggestion that dissident terrorist activity would influence ... British Government policy is wholly unhelpful and only serves to give credence to the criminals who carry out such atrocious acts."

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