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Coin commemorating peace in Europe's 70th anniversary launched

A 10 euro silver collector's coin commemorating the 70th anniversary of peace in Europe has been launched by the Central Bank of Ireland.

It is made from sterling silver and recognises the end of the Second World War in 1945. A total of 8,000 coins will be struck.

Former president Mary McAleese said: "The Central Bank's gesture with this beautiful coin reminds us that this peace belongs to us all and no matter what comes or goes in our lives as individuals."

It was designed by Michael Guilfoyle, an artist, engraver and graphic designer.

He previously created the 10 euro silver proof coin commemorating Jack B Yeats in 2012 and the 10 euro silver proof coin commemorating the Irish tenor Count John McCormack in 2014.

He has also designed the 1916 commemorative silver and gold coin for 2016.

The peace coin will be on sale to the public for 55 euro from October 28.


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