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Complaints prompt order to stop ad

The Hunky Dory girls have been given the red card after advertising chiefs ordered the controversial ads are not re-run.

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) warned publishers not to print the images of the scantily-clad models portrayed as Gaelic footballers.

More than 80 complaints were lodged against the multi-media campaign - nearly a quarter of the record 300 made last year for similar Hunky Dory ads with a rugby theme.

Frank Goodman, ASAI chief executive, said the series of press, outdoor and internet advertisements were likely to have caused grave and widespread offence.

Crisp maker Largo Foods and publishers were also criticised for breaching a previous order not to use the rugby-style ads again as they breached the advertising code.

"The committee further considered that the advertisers seem to have deliberately flouted the code with the intention of generating complaints, PR and subsequent notoriety," he added

But Largo Foods founder Raymond Coyle said his firm is not a member of the ASAI so his in-house advertisers are not bound by its voluntary code.

He said while the campaign has probably "been ran in to the ground" he would run it again if it was commercially viable.

"Next year we are doing four lady athletes who have qualified for the Olympics," he revealed.

"We will be doing a campaign on that so it will be much more toned down."


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