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Concerns rise over damage to pipes

Water supplies across the country have stabilised after more than a week of crisis in supplies from burst pipes and leaks.

But environment chiefs warned that it will be Wednesday before the true extent of damage to business and industry is fully assessed.

Gerry Galvin, senior official in the Department of the Environment, said there are only a small number of areas where authorities are struggling to meet demand.

"Outside of Dublin things have improved fairly significantly with small pockets without water, mostly where leaks and burst mains are still being discovered," he said.

The vast majority of supplies have been restored in Galway City, while a few problems remain in parts of Cork, Mallow and on Achill Island.

Three or four major leaks were discovered in Athlone yesterday which were being repaired and in Ennis less than 100 homes are still without full supplies.

"The local authority detection and repair crews have been working all weekend and have been successful in restoring supplies," Mr Galvin said.

In Dublin supply is exceeding demand but Mr Galvin, principal advisor in the department's water services division, warned it would be up to 48 hours before the full extent of damage was known in the capital.

"The next critical phase in Dublin is tomorrow when business and industry comes back to work," he said.

Restrictions on supplies in the city will continue again from 6pm until 7am and officials may enforce similar limits for at least the rest of the week.


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