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Copy Sinn Fein budget, urges Adams

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has urged the Taoiseach to study his party's alternative proposals for the budget, and consider plagiarising it.

As Finance Minister Michael Noonan confirmed Government plans to cut spending and hike taxes to save 2.5 billion euro on October 15, Sinn Fein called for the richest to take the biggest hit.

"Taoiseach I am delighted that you have read our budget proposals," Mr Adams told Enda Kenny.

"I would like you to study them. Feel free to plagiarise them.

"They are proof that there is a fairer way to adjust the deficit, that you can do it with fairness, you can do it by reducing the burden on lower income families."

The Taoiseach had criticised Sinn Fein for its plans, which include introducing a new third rate of tax of 48% on income earned in excess of 100,000 euro.

Mr Kenny said such measures would drive high earners out of the country.

Sinn Fein has proposed an adjustment of 2.453 million euro.

Among its other proposals to shore up funds through tax, it called for an increase in capital gains tax to 40%, and the introduction of a wealth tax on net wealth in excess of 1 million euro.

The party claimed its measures will save 1.8 million homeowners an average of 278 euro a year by abolishing the property tax, give 86,000 carers 325 euro extra in their respite grant, take 296,000 workers earning below the annual minimum wage out of the tax net and extend free GP care to under-fives.

"This will be the seventh austerity budget from Fianna Fail and this government which together will have taken 30 billion euro out of the economy," Mr Adams said.

"People need a break. Sinn Fein's alternative budget reduces the tax burden on ordinary families, protects public services and invests in jobs."


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