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Councils to restrict water supplies

Householders across the Dublin region are bracing themselves for a water shortage after councils revealed plans to restrict supplies.

Dublin City Council engineer Michael Phillips pleaded with people not to store extra water or run taps ahead of the capital's local authorities reducing levels from 7am to 7pm over the next three nights.

He maintained each home had enough water in its tanks to last 12 to 24 hours.

"People will not be without water for longer than that storage period," he said.

Shortages are expected in Dublin, Fingal, South Dublin, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Wicklow and Kildare council areas. Residents in Galway, Cork, Sligo, Tipperary and Donegal have also been affected.

Mr Phillips said despite ensuring reservoirs were full of treated water before the big freeze, reserves are being depleted on a daily basis due to broken pipes and people running taps.

"The conservation of water is all the more critical over the next weeks to ensure there is adequate water for everybody," added Mr Phillips.

Elsewhere Met Eireann warned while snow and ice has started to thaw in some areas, temperatures are due to plummet to as low as minus nine making wet roads and footpaths treacherous with ice.

While the slow thaw over the weekend is likely to crack water pipes, it will also minimise any risks of flooding.

The National Roads Authority revealed it has already used 30,000 tonnes of salt on roads in recent weeks - the usual amount for a mild winter - with more supplies currently en-route.


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