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Creme Egg Cafe serving Creme Egg Toasties to open doors in Dublin

By Patricia Murphy

Cadbury Ireland has announced plans to open a cafe solely devoted to seasonal favourite the Creme Egg, but chocolate fans might be disappointed to hear that the dreamy venue will be open for a limited time only.

The Crème de la Creme Egg cafe will be nestled on Canal Road in Dublin 6 for just a week, but will thrill chocoholics with its sweet menu which boasts dreamy Creme Egg toasties for lunch.

The cavity-inducing cafe will welcome punters from February 16 until Saturday February 20, but will only be available to those who have booked a sweet spot.

Unfortunately for the limited few giving up sweets for Lent, the cafe opens a week after the 40-day fast begins.

The move by Cadbury Ireland comes after a Creme Egg cafe opened its doors in London to huge demand.

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The interesting move by Cadbury comes a year after the company changed the recipe of the much loved Easter favourite, which many chocolate-lovers claimed compromised their enjoyment of the Creme Egg.

The company reported losses of more than £10m (€13m) on their Easter line of products last year, and the altered Creme Egg was found to be the biggest loser.

Those keen on nabbing a seat at Creme de la Creme Egg Cafe  can  put their name forward on Cadbury’s Eventbrite page.

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