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Criminal in fear of hit dials 999 for Garda

By Ken Foy

A criminal called emergency services to his west Dublin home yesterday, fearing he was under attack after the two brutal gangland killings of the past week.

The associate of Gary Hutch sparked a bizarre incident after two men called at his home in Lucan yesterday afternoon.

He believed they were linked to the Kinahan cartel and made a frantic call to emergency services, believing he was about to come under attack.

Armed Garda rushed to his home, but the callers had left.

Two hours later Garda had established that the men were completely innocent and not linked to the Kinahan gang.

However, the incident is a sign of the high tension in the city.

Following the Regency Hotel shootings last Friday afternoon, when criminal David Byrne was murdered, and the gunning down of Eddie Hutch Snr at his home in Ballybough, armed Garda are on the ground.

High visibility units and Garda checkpoints established over the weekend were not enough to deter against the brutal revenge attack on Monday night.

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