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Cross-border plan to take on poison of fuel launderers across Northern Ireland and Republic

By Jim Cusack

New legislation will be proposed in the Republic of Ireland's parliament this week to set up the first ever cross-border task force to tackle the "environmental terrorism" of fuel launderers.

Fianna Fail's Bill follows recommendations last month by the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly after it found "alarming" evidence of the massive trade in illicit fuel in south Armagh.

And it comes after the publication of a report that revealed 61 rivers in Northern Ireland, 37 of them in south Armagh, have been polluted by cancer-causing chemicals linked to fuel laundering.

The figures were released by the Department of the Environment to Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey, who branded the fuel launderers raking in millions every year while poisoning water supplies to their own communities as "money-grabbing cowards".

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