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Dad denied having baby with daughter, trial told

A man facing 105 charges of raping and indecently assaulting his daughter denied to gardai that he was the father of her child.

The 49-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to all charges alleging he subjected his daughter to 15 years of sexual abuse between 1985 and 2000.

His now 30-year-old daughter had earlier told the Central Criminal Court sitting in Castlebar, Co Mayo, that she was first raped by her father when she was only five or six years of age.

She said her father had had sex with her inside and outside the family home, in a press, over a car bonnet, in a car and on the ground.

She was too afraid to tell anyone and her father had warned her not to say anything about the abuse or he would hit her.

Even within a fortnight of the birth of her first child in 2000, her father had forced her to have sex, she told the court.

Neither the accused man not his daughter can be named for legal reasons and Mr Justice Barry White has asked the media to be especially careful not to publish anything that would lead to the identification of the family involved in the case.

Cross-examined yesterday, the woman told senior counsel Martin Giblin that the name of the man registered on her first child's birth certificate was not the name of the father of the child. Neither was the name on the birth certificate of her second child the name of the father, she said.

"I was forced to put a name on the birth cert. . . the same thing on the other birth cert. My partner is (gave a name), but he is not the kids' father, either," she told the court.

When it was put to her that her father had never raped her as she had said, the woman replied: "Yes, he did."

She said her mother, as well as her father, could be violent.

When she was younger, her mother was "okay" with the children, but as she and her siblings got older, they started to see changes in her.

"She'd murder you -- get a bar -- beat you. And if she couldn't beat you enough, she'd bite you," the woman told the court.

Gda Sgt Ann Byrne told the court she had arrested the accused man after his daughter had made a complaint to gardai in 2000. Extracts of two interviews with him were read out to the court.

In the interviews, the accused man had said that his daughter's partner was the father of her first child. "I don't like him at all," he told gardai. He agreed he had threatened to kill him, but had said he did not mean it.

Asked about his daughter's accusations that he had raped her, he had replied: "It's all lies, that's what it is."

When it was put directly to him that he was the father of his daughter's child, he had said: "God forbid. I am not."

The case continues.

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