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Dad’s last words to daughter Siobhan Phillips before Mackin opened fire - 'It's OK pet, you're safe now, he can't hurt you...'


Siobhan Phillips

Siobhan Phillips

Adrian Crevan Mackin who shot Siobhan and fatally shot Garda Anthony Golden at Mullach Alainn housing estate in Omeath, Co Louth

Adrian Crevan Mackin who shot Siobhan and fatally shot Garda Anthony Golden at Mullach Alainn housing estate in Omeath, Co Louth

Mullach Alainn housing estate in Omeath, Co Louth

Mullach Alainn housing estate in Omeath, Co Louth

Siobhan Phillips

'It's OK, pet, you are safe now, he can't hurt you any more." These are the final words that Sean Phillips said to his daughter Siobhan Phillips before Adrian Crevan Mackin murdered Garda Anthony Golden in a shooting frenzy that has left the young mum-of-two fighting for her life.

Moments earlier, Mr Phillips and his daughter - accompanied by Garda Golden - drove into the quiet Mullach Alainn housing estate in Omeath, unaware Crevan Mackin (24) was lying in wait.

On Sunday afternoon, when the whole country was focused on the Rugby World Cup clash between Ireland and France, Siobhan Phillips (21) went to Omeath garda station and gave a statement to Garda Golden that she was in fear of her life.

She was not alone: Siobhan was accompanied by her father Sean Phillips and stepmother Norma Phillips. There, too, was her aunt Lorraine McBride and her brother Ryan Phillips.

On Friday evening Siobhan, who concealed much of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Crevan Mackin from her family - in order to protect them - was subjected to a prolonged overnight attack by Mackin, who had threatened to kill her and her entire family.

Siobhan was "battered black and blue" when she left her home on Saturday morning to go to work as a hairdresser in her native Newry. She applied makeup to conceal her facial wounds and even put blue and black eye shadow on one of her eyes to make it seem as if the marbled look was intended.

It was anything but.

Nothing could conceal her fear and on Saturday afternoon she called her stepmother Norma Phillips with the simple words: "Norma, I'm terrified".

Following Siobhan's cry for help, the Phillips family travelled immediately to Dundalk Garda Station on Saturday to make a formal complaint about Crevan Mackin, but say they were told they had to make the complaint at Siobhan's local garda station in Omeath.

Adrian Crevan Mackin was well known to gardai in Louth. At the time of Garda Golden's murder he was signing on three times a week after being charged in the Special Criminal Court last January on charges of membership of the IRA.

Such were her injuries, Siobhan Phillips attended Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry on Saturday night where staff expressed alarm at their extent and notified the PSNI about the horrific assault. Siobhan did not return to her home on Saturday night and ensured her children were safe with family. Determined never to return to Crevan Mackin, Siobhan and her family travelled on Sunday to Omeath.

There they met Garda Golden who listened to her story and dutifully took her statement.

It was, says Sean Phillips, the first time that Siobhan had felt safe - safe enough to venture home to Mullach Alainn and retrieve some belongings.

Garda Golden said he would accompany Siobhan Phillips for what proved to be a final, fatal assignment.

Entering into Mullach Alainn, the trio observed Crevan Mackin's car. Garda Golden told Sean Phillips to remain in the car so as not to aggravate Crevan Mackin.

Garda Golden and Siobhan Phillips opened the front door and entered the property. According to Sean, Garda Golden informed Crevan Mackin that they were simply there to retrieve some of her belongings.

Words were exchanged, but to no avail as, after a few moments, Garda Golden and Siobhan Phillips were met with a hail of bullets fired by Crevan Mackin who turned an illegal Glock handgun on the pair before killing himself.

Sean Phillips is in no doubt that Garda Golden saved Siobhan's life and spared his.

The Newry businessman also believes that the lives of others were saved too by Garda Golden's courage. "Garda Golden, in the service and protection of others, laid down his life for my daughter Siobhan, myself and my family, there are no words to express our gratitude for his bravery," he said.

"He saved my life. We are praying for Siobhan's recovery and for the family of Garda Golden as they face their immeasurable grief," he added.

Maintaining a round the clock vigil at Dublin's Beaumont Hospital, Sean Phillips agonises over whether the shocking incident might not have occurred had Siobhan Phillips made a statement to gardai on Saturday.

He feels that it may.

When he speaks of Garda Golden's wife and family, Mr Phillips collapses into tears.

And he is inconsolable when asked about the future for Siobhan and her children if his daughter holds on to life.

"Siobhan may not pull through, we just don't know," he says. "But no matter what happens, it's a long, long road."

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