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Daniel O'Donnell rumours hurt my mother, says sister Margo


Interview: Margo O’Donnell

Interview: Margo O’Donnell

Interview: Margo O’Donnell

Margo O'Donnell has told how false rumours that her brother Daniel was actually her son left their mother deeply 'hurt'.

The Irish country singer (68) told how the untrue claims deeply upset their mother, Julia.

Appearing in RTE's Keys to My Life, Margo addresses how Daniel and her struggled with the rumours. She said: "They were saying things about me being Daniel's mother. I would have been 10 when I had him!"

Daniel laughed: "We'd have been in the circus, the two of us then." Margo added: "It didn't hurt us but it did hurt Mam."

Margo described her struggles with alcohol and prescription drugs, and how she began self-medicating for stage fright.

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