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Dead Ulster baby probe officers find doll in grave

By Paul Williams

Police investigating the reported death of a newborn infant found only a toy doll when they opened the grave.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Co Donegal alerted gardai about the death of the infant after questions were raised.

A couple living in the west of the county had told neighbours that they had a baby. However, a short time later they said that the infant had died and a funeral service was held in the village of Annagry with the burial taking place in the local cemetery.

Concerns were raised when a HSE official could find no record of a baby being born on the dates given for the birth or for the particular family name.

Gardai were then called in to investigate. It is understood that the couple admitted a child had not been born and that a toy doll was in the coffin.

The HSE and Garda exhumed the coffin yesterday and a source confirmed the doll find last night, describing the episode as "tragic".

Gardai will send a file on the case to the Republic's Director of Public Prosecutions but a source said charges are unlikely.

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