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Derry Girls actor McSweeney in flat fire drama


Warning: Siobhan McSweeney

Warning: Siobhan McSweeney

Warning: Siobhan McSweeney

Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney has urged people to ditch cube plugs after her flat went up in flames.

The actress from Cork who plays Sister Michael told her 43,000 followers that thankfully she was "out at a stupid play otherwise it could have been a worse story".

Fire alarms alerted her neighbours who called the fire service.

She said the fire investigator told her a "cube double adapter had fallen out slightly (less than 2mm) out of the socket and had created an 'electrical arc' which sparked and started the fire".

She said cube plugs are "a death trap" and urged followers to "please get rid of them" and bin them.

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