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Detectives identify murder suspects

Four chief suspects have been identified by detectives investigating the gangland murder of a father-of-three.

Drug dealer Alan McNally, 36, was shot in the head as he drank in the Cappagh Nua pub in Finglas, north Dublin.

Detective Inspector Kieran McEneaney said investigators know up to four people were involved in the planning of the gun attack, the murder itself and securing the killer in safe lodgings.

"We know the gang members that were involved in this particular murder," he said. "We believe that they are all living within our community in Finglas. They still haven't fled the country. They are still here in the local community."

Crimestoppers has offered a financial reward for information to bring the perpetrators to justice. McNally was shot four times with a Glock pistol at about 1am on Thursday, February 2. The weapon has not been recovered.

"This murder was particularly brutal, it was clinical. It was your typical gangland murder," the detective continued. "The gunman had absolutely no regard whatsoever for entering into a licensed premises with other occupants in it and firing a number of shots and killing Alan McNally."

Detectives believe McNally and a friend - who had been drinking in the bar since noon - were being watched before his murder. They plan to interview all customers captured on the pub's CCTV throughout the day.

"The gunman entered the pub, the bar area of the pub, without any resistance, without any assistance and went straight up and singled out Alan McNally and shot him," said Det Insp McEneaney.

"We believe there would have to be some sort of information fed out to the gunman. Alan McNally and his close friend were the only two people seated at the bar counter, all the rest of the patrons were sitting down amongst them on tables and chairs in the body of bar area."

Two arrests have been made, but no one has been charged. Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers in confidence on 1800 25 00 25.


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