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'Dog-sized' gulls terrorise picnicking families in Howth

Ellie Comey (6) from Coolock under attack from the seagulls in Howth, Co Dublin
Ellie Comey (6) from Coolock under attack from the seagulls in Howth, Co Dublin

By Staff Reporter

Families enjoying a day out in the sun ran in terror from fearless "dog-sized" seagulls at Howth harbour in the Republic.

An army of feathered terrors swooped on adults and children as young as three.

People eating on the grass opposite a chip shop ran the risk of getting swarmed by these opportunist birds looking for a free meal.

Gemma Hogan and her eight-year-old daughter Jorjia from Coolock were enjoying their afternoon lunch of fish and chips when they were scoped out by a lone gull.

Sitting with her sister Ellie and her three young children, the family soon became surrounded.

The drop of a chip was all it took for the attack to commence. In a matter of seconds, the birds violently swarmed, snatched and wailed - leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.

"I can't believe that just happened," said Ms Hogan, trying to console her crying daughter.

"They're the size of small dogs and are everywhere. The 'do not feed the birds' signs are having no effect."

Last year two women suffered cuts to their lips after they were attacked in Howth harbour by a seagull that took the food from their mouths.

In 2014 Senator Ned O'Sullivan said the gulls had "lost the run of themselves completely".

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