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Donegal accent 'sounds sexiest'

People from Donegal have the sexiest accent in Ireland, according to research.

Around 42% of women and 39% of men have admitted going weak at the knees at the sound of the north-west warble.

The survey, conducted by match-making service, also found that one-in-five women think accents are important when choosing a partner.

"We all know the distinctive voice of our favourite celebrities," said the company's dating expert Avril Mulcahy. "They have a way of drawing you in and holding you. It might sound assertive, confident, powerful or just downright sexy."

While Donegal boasts the dreamiest dialect, Tipperary fared worst of all with just 1% of women and 5% of men describing it as the sexiest accent.

Galway-born Grainne Seoige was chosen Ireland's sexiest female celebrity voice, getting nearly half (48.7%) the male vote.

And fellow Galway native Peter O'Toole topped the poll with a third of Irish women voting his the sexiest male celebrity voice.


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