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Donegal fisherman search resumes

A search has resumed for a fisherman missing off north Donegal near where his uncle was found drowned.

The body of Edward "Liza" Doherty, 65, was recovered on Monday while the Coast Guard said efforts to find Robert "Jackie" McLaughlin, 41, began again at first light.

Both men were from the Malin area and had been on the crab boat The Jennifer, which appeared to have capsized.

Wreckage of the small vessel was found less than a mile offshore from Glengad with ropes, pots and cables badly tangled.

The two men, both experienced at fishing for crab and lobster and trawling, had worked together for the last couple of years.

The alarm was raised at about 10.30am on Monday when debris was spotted in the sea just over a mile from Glengad Head by another fisherman.

Malin Head Coast Guard said Mr Doherty's body was recovered from the sea 14 minutes later.

The wreckage of The Jennifer was later located underwater and searched by a team of divers. It was towed to shore on Monday night.

The search teams include the Sligo-based rescue helicopter, lifeboats from Swilly and Portrush, and local boats.


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