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Donegal man killed by wasp sting died just hours before daughter gave birth

The only daughter of a man who died minutes after being stung by a wasp gave birth just hours after her father's tragic death.

Fergus McGill (62) collapsed and died within half an hour of being stung on the lip by a wasp on Thursday afternoon.

Tragically, his death came just hours before his only daughter Joanne gave birth to a baby, the Sunday World reports.

"It's so tragic. Fergus was so looking forward to the arrival of the new baby. He passed away so quickly and didn't even get to say goodbye. The entire village is just numb. How could this happen?," one local told the newspaper.

The popular retired mechanic, from Convoy in Donegal died on Thursday afternoon, soon after he entered the White Horse Inn in the town.

He ordered a drink in the pub but he collapsed soon afterwards.

The local doctor came to the man’s aid soon after he collapsed. Paramedics also arrived on scene to help revive him.

Mr McGill had complained of being stung by a wasp before he collapsed.

His death has come as a shock to the town, local councillor Liam Doherty said.

“He would have had underlying health issues, but he was active, he was always out and about in the town.”

“It was a big shock. He was well liked, he was well known. You’d often see him walking in the town.”

“Hopefully it will make people aware that you can die from a wasp sting. To me, this might make people more aware of carrying an epipen.”

Source: Irish Independent

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