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Donegal villagers say 'I Love Muff' as festival cashes in on cheeky name

An Irish village with one of the country’s most infamous names is finally cashing in on its notoriety.

The village of Muff in Co Donegal has been drawing smirks from passersby and visitors for an age and recent suggestions to rename it have been rejected.

Now locals are embracing its double entendre fame as T-shirts, keyrings and baseballs bearing the slogan 'I love Muff' are being sold online.

Tara Reddin, chairwoman of the Muff Festival, which takes place in August said visitor numbers have never been better. “I am born and bred in Muff and I never knew the double-meaning of the name until I went away! Now we all just laugh at it and make the most of it,” she told the Irish Daily Star.

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