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Drunk plane passenger strips off and asks stewardess for sex, delaying Dublin to Turkey flight for 11 hours

A passenger had to be removed from a flight after becoming intoxicated and stripping off on a flight from Dublin, it has emerged.

The incident occurred on a Sun Express flight from Dublin to the popular Turkish resort of Izmir on Saturday.

The man is said to have stripped off shortly after takeoff, before waving his genitals at other passengers.

He is then alleged to have asked a horrified stewardess for sex.

It is reported the man then began to jump on seats, cheered on by his group of friends.

After the flight crew failed to get the man to calm down, the captain was forced to divert the flight to Belgrade.

Police in the Serbian capital were waiting for the aircraft when it landed.

A spokesperson from the Serbian Interior Ministry said the passenger, who was carrying an Irish passport, became abusive to staff on the ground and was arrested and detained until he sobered up.

The spokesperson also confirmed that a female passenger from the same party had to be arrested due to her unruly behaviour.

A police spokesperson told the Daily Mail the woman was drunk and became abusive towards police officers at the scene.

A spokesman for Belgrade airport said in a statement: “Sun Express flight from Dublin to Izmir landed in Belgrade on Saturday, October 17, at 2pm local time.

“It departed to Izmir on the same day at 11pm.”

The airline confirmed the disruption was caused by an ‘unruly passenger’.

Brian O'Reilly ,

Irish Independent


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