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Drunk yobs in Donegal beach party havoc

A quiet Donegal seaside town suffered severe disruption over Easter when hordes of youths from Northern Ireland wreaked havoc during a drink-fuelled beach party.

Mayor of Buncrana Michael Grant said the town’s picturesque shorefront was reduced to “a complete mess” after more than 100 drunken daytrippers engaged in bottle-throwing, littering and vandalism of public toilets on Good Friday.

Gardai were called in after the group's behaviour began to spiral out of control, and significant quantities of alcohol were confiscated.

Mr Grant said: “I was alerted to the situation by concerned residents who were extremely upset by what was going on.

“The youngsters’ behaviour became increasingly boisterous as more drink was consumed, with bottles being thrown and many of them walking round in various states of undress.

“This was all going on near a playground, and nobody wants children being exposed to behaviour like that.” The mayor was unable to specify where the youths came from.

But reports from locals say there were many teenage revellers from the Derry area in the town at the time.

They were seen walking about carrying bags full of alcohol.

Mr Grant, a member of Buncrana's Tidy Towns committee, said: “The shorefront was a complete mess. We filled roughly 80 industrial-sized bags full of broken bottles, and we can only hope that there aren't any stray glass fragments hidden in the sand.”

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