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Dublin bay dolphin display for commuters

Commuters sitting in traffic-congested Dublin have been treated to a spectacle which, for many, made up for the early morning logjam.

As people sat in queues around the coast of Killiney Bay, three dolphins treated motorists and early morning walkers to a display of graceful leaps and jumps out of the water and they even let a woman swimmer join their early morning frolics.

Local DART services even slowed to a crawl to allow commuters the chance to catch a glimpse.

The bottlenose dolphins have been reported in the area occasionally in recent years and one day last December, visited the Killiney area for ten days in a row.

Last Thursday's dolphin display unfolded a short distance from the salubrious address of U2's Bono, in an area known as Bel Eire due to its rich and famous residents.

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