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Dublin gang boss held after innocent father is shot

By Ken Foy

A notorious Dublin gang boss who is suspected of being behind the fatal shooting of an innocent father has been arrested by gardai.

Keith Walker (36) died after he was shot repeatedly by a gunman dressed as a woman in the Dublin suburb of Clonsilla, in what gardai believe to be a case of mistaken identity.

A 38-year-old, who was once head of a gang called the Westies, was arrested by gardai investigating Friday's attack.

Last night gardai were questioning the notorious Dublin criminal, and another man aged 36.

It is thought that the intended target of the shooting was behind a 2012 attack on the gang boss's life. Both men were members of the Westies gang but fell out some years ago.

It is believed that Mr Walker, a father-of-two, was shot because he arrived at a pigeon club in a car linked to the real target.

The pair were friends, although Mr Walker, who was due to marry soon, had no ties to criminal activity.

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