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Dublin homeowner brought human skull in a box to garda station

By Cathal McMahon

A new homeowner discovered a human skull as he was digging up an old tree in his back garden in Dublin.

The shocked resident then packed the remains into a box with the surrounding soil and brought it to Rathfarnham garda station in South Dublin.

Experts estimate that the skull, which was uncovered on Tuesday, was in the ground for anywhere between 15 and 70 years.

Officers are only able to confirm that it belongs to a male aged between 20 and 60-years-old at the time of death.

A source explained that the grim discovery was made on Tuesday evening at a home in the Killakee area in Firhouse.

“This man purchased the house in the last year and he was renovating the back garden.

“He was tackling a dirty tree down the back when this skull was uncovered.”

The source continued: “This man took the skull and its surrounding soil into Rathfarnham garda station as he didn’t know what else to do.”

Gardaí travelled to the scene and a forensic examination is underway at the scene. Officers are searching for other remains and a forensic anthropologist is assisting gardaí with their investigations.

The skull will be subject to forensic and DNA analysis.

Detecitives have no clear leads in this investigation but there is nothing to suggest that this investigation is linked to that of missing person Phillip Cairns.

Part of the investigation will involve a review of missing person records however at this early stage of the investigation no link to any such person has been made.

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