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Dublin hotel staff win pay victory

Five housekeepers at a Dublin hotel have scored a victory over management after their minimum wage salaries were cut.

The five low-paid staff at the Davenport Hotel refused to sign up to the reductions and with union backing took management to the Labour Court after being taken off the payroll.

It recommended that workers Grazyma Ziemer from Poland, and Regina Balciuniene and her mother-in-law Ingrida, Jolita Valusiene and Raisa Jonaitiene from Lithuania be reinstated and pay rates restored.

Pat Ward, Siptu organiser, said the recommendation was a vindication of the courageous stand taken by the workers, who picketed their workplace for several days in February.

"The five women displayed real courage in resisting severe pressure from their employer to take a cut in their minimum wage level.

"Hopefully, their success will serve to demonstrate to other employers of similar disposition the resolve of our members and of this union to protect and defend the interests of low-paid workers.

It is believed another 40 workers signed up to the cuts.

The Fine Gael-Labour coalition has vowed to restore the minimum wage to 8.65 euro - one of the highest in Europe.

The Davenport claimed it had to cut the wages of the lowest paid in order to sustain jobs.

The workers have been at the Davenport cleaning rooms, corridors and changing linen for up to six years.


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