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Dublin rail line ‘could go 20 years before needing upgrade’

The National Transport Authority said the MetroLink will terminate at Charlemont, north of Ranelagh, where it meets the Luas Green line.

Luas tram (Niall Carson/PA).
Luas tram (Niall Carson/PA).

It could be 20 years before Dublin’s MetroLink rail line needs upgrading, transport chiefs have said.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) said the metro will terminate at Charlemont, north of Ranelagh, where it meets the Luas Green line.

It had originally been due to run from Swords to Sandyford.

An NTA statement said: “It is projected that the number of people seeking to travel on the Green line in future years will exceed the carrying capacity of the Luas system, requiring an upgrade.

“However, that upgrade is not expected to be needed for some time – perhaps 20 years or so.”

The route will stop at Charlemont to avoid disruption to the Green line.

The NTA added: The plan we are publishing today is to develop the section from Swords to Charlemont with an interchange from Metro to Luas at Charlemont for passengers.

“The required tunnel-boring works to allow the future connection to the existing Luas line will be completed as part of this current phase.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he would be open to running the MetroLink to UCD and Sandyford.



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