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Dublin street protests as Queen lays wreath

Irish police held back noisy demonstrators as the Queen took part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin city centre.

There was minor trouble as republicans opposed to the visit and the peace process in Northern Ireland jostled with police.

At one stage two flares were lit and thrown into the air.

The ceremony, the first major engagement of the British monarch's visit, started on time but, with thousands of police officers lining the route along the city's main thoroughfares, the security operation was the biggest ever mounted in the history of the state.

The protesters scuffled with riot police as fireworks, bottles and cans were thrown by dissident republican supporters, some carrying placards in support of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement - the political wing of the Real IRA, which bombed Omagh in 1998, killing 29 people.

The Elizabeth, who changed into a new outfit for the poignant and symbolic wreath-laying having arrived in Dublin in green, looked unperturbed as the ceremony took place at the Garden of Remembrance, which honours all those who fought for Irish freedom from British rule.

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