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Dublin thugs set firework off in dog's mouth

A young dog has become one of the early victims of Halloween savagery in the Republic of Ireland, after its jaw was blown off when thugs apparently stuck a lit firework into its mouth.

Gardai are now trying to track down a group of youths behind the horrific incident which happened on Cardiffsbridge Road in Finglas, Dublin, about 6.30pm on Wednesday.

The small tan terrier, believed to be two or three years old, was probably somebody's pet, the DSPCA believes.

Operations manager Orla Aungier said it was difficult to judge the the dog's age because of the damage to its mouth. All its teeth were blown out.

"The female dog was in good body weight and appeared to be somebody's pet, but we still do not know who the owner is."

Horrified members of the public began ringing gardai and the society around the same time on Wednesday night. When a DSPCA inspector got to the scene gardai had managed to contain the dog.

"The entire bottom jaw was blown off. There was no bone left. It was just pulp. The injuries were horrific. She lost a huge amount of blood.

"She was taken to our veterinary surgeon who was on standby. There was no alternative but to put it to sleep," said Ms Aungier.

"It is deeply concerning particularly if it was a deliberate act. It is alleged that the fire work was put in its mouth. Our inspector took about seven quick calls from gardai and people looking for help. He was told the firework was put in the dog's mouth."

"We are in shock and appalled. It also highlights the danger of fireworks being so easily available, even though they are illegal.

"We are appealing to anyone that has any information to contact the gardai or the DSPCA."

Source Irish Independent

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