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Dublinbikes scheme extended

The dublinbikes scheme has been extended, with 50 more bicycles available for city cyclists.

Two new stations have opened on the northside side of the capital, with eight more to be opened citywide in the coming weeks.

Dublin Lord Mayor, Oisin Quinn, said they were the first part of a 35 million euro expansion which would see the dublinbikes network increase to 102 stations and 1,500 bikes by July 2014.

"These are the first of 58 new dublinbikes stations which will open between now and July," he added.

The successful bike rental scheme was rolled out in 2009, bringing the city in line with other cycle-friendly cities, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Thousands of people have taken more than six million dublinbikes journeys since the scheme transformed public transport four years ago.

There are now 600 bikes at 46 rental stations dotted throughout the city, with another 900 to be added by the summer.

New stations that opened today included 40 bike stands at North Wall Quay station near the Convention Centre, and 30 stands at a new station at Deverell Place, off Gardiner Street.

The size of the popular Talbot Street station has also doubled to 40.

Eight more stations will open at Clonmel Street, York Street West, York Street East, Great Strand Street, North Wall Quay, Fenian Street, Grattan Street, and Mount Street Lower by mid-December.

Joanne Grant, managing director of JCDecaux Ireland, which operates dublinbikes for Dublin City Council, said the expansion plan would integrate the scheme even further into the fabric of Dublin city.

"We would like to thank our subscribers for their support of dublinbikes and the people of Dublin for recognising the positive impact that dublinbikes has had on city life here in the capital," she added,

"We intend to build on this and to continue to deliver a world class bike scheme to the city of Dublin."

The rental scheme has 36,636 long-term users and 10,266 short-term users, who have made more than 1.5 million trips so far this year.

The busiest day so far this year was Tuesday October 8, when 6,973 journeys were made.


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