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Enda Kenny joins Paris unity march

Ireland's premier Enda Kenny has joined a unity march in Paris as he vowed to defend the values of tolerance and humanity against extremism.

The Taoiseach said the demonstration of international solidarity following the France terror crisis deepened the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood between the people of France and the European Union.

"And today we march here in his city to defend that tolerance and humanity against the hatred and extremism that would dismantle and destroy them.

"In our solidarity we show the agents of such destruction that to us their actions are anathema, their propositions absurd."

He said the values of freedom, equality and fraternity were written in the hearts and minds of the people of France and the EU.

"The city of Paris has known revolution, occupation terror, old and new.

"Yet today in defiance of history old enemies march here to defend the values of respect, freedom, dignity and tolerance.

"Values, this week so-well recited by the living so-well practised by the dead that even in the depth of darkness they confirm the city of Paris as the City of Light.

"And today as we march through its streets or join in on screens across the world we are, all of us, its citizens we keep and live in its light.

"Je Suis Charlie, nous sommes tous Parisiens."

Today, I say to President Hollande and his government and to the people of France and of our Union - may our presence and witness here deepen our sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

He said as Europeans they must nourish democracy, protect our liberty, cherish our way of life.

"And in the face of terror may our humanity sustain us and renew us.

"May it be as shattering as our sadness and our silence on this January day."


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