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Ex-bank boss apologises to Republic’s taxpayers

Disgraced Irish banker Michael ‘Fingers' Fingleton has apologised for costing the taxpayers in the Republic billions of euro.

The former Irish Nationwide boss admitted to a “sense of remorse” over the Republic’s bailout for the failed institution. But he refused to shed further light on his failure to repay, as promised, a €1m bonus he received from the lender.

The comments came after Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan indicated the final of cost of Irish Nationwide's bailout could rise to more than €3bn. Under Fingleton’s stewardship, the building society recklessly loaned vast sums of money to developers during the property boom.

In an interview at Dublin Airport after getting off a flight from Spain, he was asked if he had remorse. “Of course I have, of course I have, like anybody else, I have indeed,” he said.

However, Fingleton would not comment on whether he felt personally “guilty”.

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