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Expenses row senator Ivor Callely must explain invoices

Irish Senator Ivor Callely has been given two weeks to explain to a Seanad inquiry why he submitted mobile phone invoices from a closed down company.

It came as senior Fianna Fail sources indicated Taoiseach Brian Cowen would prefer a Garda investigation to take the initiative ahead of his party's internal probe into the expenses scandal.

Mr Cowen is said to be “sick to the back teeth” with the Callely affair and would like a Garda investigation to sort it out.

But the Seanad committee |on Members' interests is pressing ahead with its own investigation after obtaining legal advice that there was no risk of it |clashing with a Garda investigation.

Last night it told Mr Callely he had to respond with a formal statement by 10am on August 23.

It is also planning to seek all relevant records of Mr Callely's expenses claims from the Oireachtas Commission.

It is understood Mr Callely's solicitor sent the committee a |letter informing them that he |had paid back the €2,879.45 he had received for the expense |claims and a copy of the refund cheque.

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