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Farmer's 4kg of cyanide is handed in for disposal

By Margaret Donnelly

A 4kg bag of cyanide and one of the main ingredients in Agent Orange were among items of hazardous waste brought by Irish farmers to a safe disposal collection.

An elderly farmer in Roscommon turned up at a hazardous waste disposal site with enough cyanide to "wipe out" the county.

The farmer had the hazardous waste for the past 45 years and had originally bought it to get rid of rabbits.

Environmental officer Suzanne Dempsey told Shannonside radio that this would have been common practice.

"The farmer had previously sought advice on how to dispose of it safely," she said.

"The toxic expert on the day said the amount was enough to wipe out most of the county."

Farmers also brought one of the main ingredients in Agent Orange, a deadly chemical weapon used in the Vietnam War.

The Republic's Environmental Protection Agency is running a series of hazardous waste disposal collection events.

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