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Farmers' court battle over bull's testicles

A bull's testicles were at the centre of a dispute between two men at a small claims court in the Republic of Ireland yesterday.

Patsy Furlong, of Ballyphilip, Bunclody, Co Wexford, brought a claim for €1,300 against Fergus Turner, of Tomnaboley, Boolavogue, whom he said had sold him a bull that was "not a genuine breeding bull" as it only had one descended testicle.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla heard that the pedigree Limousin bull was sold by Mr Turner to Mr Furlong at Carnew Mart on March 20, for €1,220.

Mr Furlong, giving evidence, said he was happy with his purchase until he got his vet to check it a few days later and the vet found it had only one descended testicle.

"I bought this bull as a genuine breeding bull and it was proven later that he wasn't one," he said, producing the vet's cert.

Judge O Buachalla noted that the cert merely stated that the bull had only one descended testicle, but made no comment as to whether he was a genuine breeding bull.

But Mr Furlong said it was "common knowledge in the farming community that he's not a breeding bull if one testicle is not descended".

"Is your claim then that he's not a perfect specimen?" asked the judge. "No, it's that he's not a genuine breeding bull," said Mr Furlong.

Mr Furlong said he was not questioning the fertility of the bull, but reiterated that he believed it was not a genuine breeding bull with only one descended testicle.

"Would you accept that a bull with one testicle descended is not a genuine breeding bull?" asked Mr Furlong.

"There are plenty of animals and even humans out there with one testicle and I'm sure they are doing the job," replied Mr Turner.

Judge O Buachalla agreed and decided to dismiss Mr Furlong's claim.

"I'm entirely satisfied, as you are not questioning the fertility of the animal, that I have no other option," he explained.

The bull died just over a month after purchase of an infection from a rectal tear.

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