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Father of murdered children appeals for letters to help with self-isolation

Andrew McGinley said the coronavirus measures have deprived him of his network of family and friends.


Andrew McGinley with his three children (Family handout/PA)

Andrew McGinley with his three children (Family handout/PA)

Andrew McGinley with his three children (Family handout/PA)

The father of three murdered children has appealed for letters to help him through self-isolation.

Andrew McGinley said he has lost his big support network of friends, family and work colleagues because of the coronavirus measures.

The bodies of his children Conor, nine, Darragh, seven, and Carla McGinley, three, were discovered at their home in Newcastle, Co Dublin, in January.

Their mother Deirdre Morley has been charged with their murder.

In a tweet, Mr McGinley said: “I’m looking for a favour. I’m struggling with isolation like you all but really missing the company.

“I was also enjoying most of the letters that I received so I have a request. Can you write to me?

“If you feel like using one of your An Post postcards then great. Letters welcome.”

He told the PA news agency. “I was getting through things as I have a big support network through friends, family and colleagues, and now they are all gone for the time being.

“I’m still responding to letters and cards that I got in the first few weeks and I’m enjoying that.”

Last month, Andrew launched a social media channel, Conor’s Clips, where he posts videos and pictures of his children to help keep their memory alive.

The social media channel is part of a number of promises he made to his children at their funeral earlier this year.