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Father Ted's son fancies stand-up too

It's a tough job but 14 years after his father's death, Dermot Morgan's youngest son is determined to follow in his footsteps.

Ben Morgan (18) was just a boy when the ‘Father Ted’ star died after a heart attack in 1998 but he has already got a taste for what drove Ireland's favourite satirist.

The youngster, who has just accepted a place at Trinity College Dublin studying Law and German, has already done his first gig — which happened to be in Poland, where he was visiting with a friend.

“Ideally I would like to do stand-up for a living,” he said. “You're always going to get (comparisons to Dermot) because people say it's a big legacy to fill. I will do my own thing and try to get to that level — to do what my dad did, and try to do it even on a bigger scale.”

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