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Fisherman claims he was 'ordered into sea' after getting injured in Co Cork

By Kathy Armstrong

An injured fisherman claims he was ordered to get into the sea in the early hours of the morning and board another boat.

The man claims he got hurt while working on the fishing vessel earlier this month and was told he would have to return to the mainland for treatment.

The Irish Examiner reports that the Ghanaian man (who is aged in his 40s) had boarded the fishing boat in Castletownbere in Co Cork at the end of April but after five days he badly hurt his back.

He alleges that when a naval vessel visited their boat his captain told the officer they would return to the harbour the next day so the man could get treatment.

He claims he was called to the deck in the early hours of the morning and he was told a different boat was coming to bring him back to the main land and another crew member helped him to put on a survival suit.

The man maintains that he was told to climb down the ladder and when he landed in the water his boat reversed away and another collected him and travelled back to Castletownbere.

A Garda spokeswoman confirmed to that they are investigating the claims.

He said: "Gardaí at Castletownbere are investigating an incident which occurred on the 2nd May 2017 (reported to Gardaí on 12th May).

"A male in his 40s reported receiving injuries on board a fishing vessel in the Atlantic. The man reports being taken by another boat to Castletownbere.

"He presented himself to Cork University Hospital to have his injuries assessed. The matter was reported to the Marine Survey Office.

"No further information is available on this."

The Marine Survey Office have been contacted for comment.

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