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Flights hit amid stormy weather

More than a dozen flights have been diverted away from Dublin Airport after severe winds and showers swept across the country.

Gales gusting to 120km/ph were forecast with the risk of spot flooding in Ulster and Connacht after heavy downpours, forecasters said.

Fourteen flights into Dublin had been switched to Belfast, Shannon, Cork and London Heathrow by late afternoon, with further services affected by delays. Five flights were cancelled.

Dublin Airport Authority said it had experienced a combination of severe conditions.

"There were severe crosswinds, across the main runway, across the airfield itself in fact - about 54 knots," a spokeswoman said.

"Aircraft have to land and take off into the wind and it was a combination of direction and strength, but the winds have eased."

Flights hit by the weather were arriving from Chicago, 11 cities in mainland Europe, London and Glasgow.

On the Irish Sea, all Irish Ferries Swift fast sailings were cancelled but normal cruise services continued to operate as normal.

Met Eireann forecast extreme winds of 90 to 120km/ph with rain moving across the country and some heavy downpours. The high winds will ease overnight before colder air moves in, it said.

The gale-force winds also prompted an alert from the Irish Coast Guard.


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