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Former Wayne Rooney escort Helen Wood: 'Married British TV actor paid me £195 for our session in Dublin'

A former escort who was hired by a married British TV actor has claimed that the pair met in Dublin six years ago for their rendez-vous arranged through an escort agency.

Helen Wood, who famously exposed Wayne Rooney for hiring her, has told a US publication that the TV actor, who cannot be named in the British press, paid her £195 for “the session”.

The 2014 Big Brother winner has claimed that the pair slept together while she worked as an escort in March 2010.

Ms Wood (29) claimed he “was a disgusting kisser, he kissed like a virgin”.

She claims that she asked the actor if he was married, but he refused to talk about it.

During their rendez-vous, she gave the married actor a massage but he left no tip, she claimed.

The actor, who is a father, admitted in court papers he “has had sexual encounters with a prostitute”.

Ms Wood has claimed: “He tries to come across with this persona as if he’s some fantastic family man. I don’t think a fantastic family man sleeps with escorts”.

On April 9, 2011, he was granted an injunction by Mr Justice Blake, which precluded the media from naming either party or reporting the reason why the injunction had been sought.

Within days, another judge ruled that Ms Wood could be named because she did not seek anonymity unlike the actor.

Wood famously had a threesome with footballer Rooney and friend Jennifer Thompson in 2010 ahead of the South Africa World Cup.

When she appeared on Big Brother in 2014, Ms Wood said “I regret it”.

The Sun newspaper said the court injunction concerning the TV actor was obtained five years ago to prevent it revealing the actor's identity in the UK, but a US magazine has now published his name with details of his alleged infidelity. The actor's name was also circulated on social media.

It comes after an American publication named another celebrity last month, who is alleged to have taken part in extra-marital activities despite the English media being banned from reporting his identity.

Supreme Court judges are still considering whether to lift the injunction in that case, in which the famous man is referred to only as PJS.

Mark Stephens, media lawyer at legal firm Howard Kennedy, said he expected to see more foreign publications naming stars who were subject to privacy injunctions in Britain.

He said: "Global stars seem to have fallen for the soft sell of claimant lawyers promising the earth but delivering a target to the backs of celebrities.

"We can now expect to see a weekly stream of publications in foreign publications, each and every one breaching English privacy orders. "

Miss Wood, who won Big Brother in 2014, told the Sun that the actor paid £195 through an escort agency to have sex with her in March 2010.

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