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Friends tie knot to avoid paying inheritance tax in Republic

By Staff Reporter

Two male friends who said they were getting married to avoid paying inheritance tax have tied the knot.

Father-of-three Michael O'Sullivan (58) married his best friend Matt Murphy (85) at the Registrar's Office in Dublin yesterday.

After the wedding, the newlyweds joined a small party of friends to celebrate their day.

The two men have been friends for almost 30 years.

They decided that Michael will inherit Matt's home in Dublin when he dies. They said there is no romantic love between them, but tied the knot to avoid paying a tax bill.

Michael explained: "I was homeless, sleeping in my car and Matt needed someone to move into his home and take care of him. He was losing his sight and needed a full-time carer. He told me that he couldn't afford to pay me but said he would give me his house when he passed away."

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