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Fuel scam polluter threatened with £13m fine and a jail term

By Jim Cusack

A prominent republican has been threatened with a £12.7m fine and 10 years in prison for the discharge of poisonous diesel-laundering waste into a public water supply in the Republic of Ireland.

It is believed to be the first time that the penalties have been threatened against one of the fuel launderers, who have dumped thousands of tonnes of toxic waste in the border area.

The summons, initially issued in April, allowed for 30 days in which the man - who is worth millions and runs a number of fuel outlets and other businesses - could rectify the pollution damage to the satisfaction of the local authority, in this case Monaghan District Council, overseen by the Republic's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This deadline passed and it is understood the man has denied any culpability and is refusing to carry out the work.

The summons cited the Irish Waste Management Act, which carries a fine of up to €15m and/or up to 10 years' imprisonment.

It is understood the man has transferred a substantial amount of his wealth to a close relative.

Garda sources say the man is suspected of having up to €7m (£5.9) stashed away in offshore accounts, as well as a massive portfolio of up to 70 business and residential rented properties. The sources say the man's money and property, although in his name or the name or a relative, is effectively controlled by the Provisional IRA.

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