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Fury over PETA advert 'inspired' by discovery of man's leg in Dublin recycling plant

By Garreth Murphy

A new ad inspired by the discovery of a man's leg in the Thorntons recycling plant in Ballyfermot has been branded as “sickening and disgusting” by a local councillor.

The proposed ad by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals shows a human leg served in a plate “to remind Dubliners that all meat is murder".

PETA said that the idea for the advertisement came after the discovery of the male body parts in the Thorntons Recycling Centre last Thursday night.

PETA said it is "in negotiation with local advertisers" to place the advertisement on billboards in Dublin.

In a statement, PETA said: "While people are understandably horrified by the idea of finding dismembered human remains, PETA is hoping that some good might come from pointing out that murder – no matter the victim – is wrong. "

The organization aims to emphasize the importance of animal rights, specifically through protests, literature, and publicity stunts.

However, the advertisement has been branded as “sickening and disgusting”by local councillor Daithí de Róiste (FF).

“The deliberate use of human remains in an advertisement, in the wake of the Thorntons discovery, is sickening and disgusting,” Mr de Róiste said.

“PETA have shown a blatant insensitivity to the situation in West Dublin.

“A Garda investigation is currently underway to establish what has occurred. For PETA try and make light of this investigation is foolish, unwise and wrong. The severed remains that were found belong to a human being.

That person will have family, friends and loved ones worried about them and I would call on PETA to stop trying to gain publicity out of such a sickening situation."

Last Thursday evening, a worker at Thorntons discovered the remains of a leg at the recycling plant on Killeen Road in Ballyfermot.

Gardai were called to the scene as soon as the discovery was made, along with a doctor who confirmed the limb as being human.

It is not the first PETA have engaged in a publicity seeking stunt.

In the past, the organisation has attempted to link drinking of cow's milk to autism and they held a mock barbecue of humans on a street in Nashville, Tennessee.

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