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GAA bid to offer tours from Croke Park's roof

The GAA has launched its bid to offer walking tours on the roof of Croke Park.

The stadium has lodged an application with Dublin City Council for the proposal which, if approved, will also include viewing decks with fixed chairs.

The idea has been modelled on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The tour would offer visitors panoramic views over the capital possibly as early as next year. Prices are predicted to be in the region of €100 (£80).

The walkway will be 35m above ground. From that height, visitors will get a bird's eye view of the capital, out to Dublin Bay and the Dublin Mountains.

The plan was announced recently when daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken balanced on a giant wire figure ‘three’, some 60m above the ground.

He was advertising a mobile phone company.

In addition, the stuntman was helping advertise the planned rooftop walking tours of Croke Park.

Some 80,000 people a year already visit Croke Park museum. The rooftop tours are expected to add to these numbers.

“The walkway will be around the entire stadium and it will take about four hours to complete the tour,” a spokesman said.

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