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GAA silent over racy Hunky Dorys ads

Irish crisp firm Hunky Dorys has returned to the theme of scantily clad women playing sport - this time it's GAA - for its latest advertising campaign - in spite of similar ads being branded as sexist last year by the Republic of Ireland's advertising watchdog.

According to reports in , the Advertising Standards Authority in Dublin has already received a "small number of complaints" about the ads, which started to appear in newspapers in Northern Ireland the Republic at the weekend.

“There have been just a handful of complaints this morning,” a spokeswoman for the ASAI told

“No action has been decided upon yet,” she added.

One of the complaints referred to the Hunky Dorys’ website, which pits two girls’ teams – the Golds and the Emeralds – against each other.

The GAA said it was not consulted on the campaign and any queries should be directed to Largo Foods, which owns the Hunky Dorys brand, and that it had no comment to make on the new ads.

Last year the ASAI ruled that ads for Hunky Dorys, which provoked a record 300 complaints, had caused grave and widespread offence and should remain permanently withdrawn from all media, including the advertiser's website.

They said the ads were a grave breach of their code and it was open to them to take further sanctions against the company, which could include a fine or a requirement to submit all ads for approval prior to publication.

ASAI chief executive Frank Goodman said it was the rugby billboard posters rather than the website that provoked the record number of complaints to the ASAI, and in particular the ad of a woman in a very low-cut top with the caption "Are you staring at my crisps".

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